Bedowyn, Chaosmic, Audio Ashes

Saturday, Jan 2 2016 Lincoln Theater – Raleigh, North Carolina

The illustrious staff of RDUmusic kicked off our 2016 coverage by attending (about half of) WINTER METALFEST at the Lincoln Theatre. Honestly, you can’t expect two lazy malcontents in their mid-30s to endure all 6+ hours of a festival bill. We got there late and left early but managed to catch two solid sets and one…well…bless their hearts.

We didn’t arrive in time to catch opener, Manslaughter. Sorry, fellas.

Audio Ashes

Gentle readers, I fear that I have reached a crossroads in my career as a journalist. (Editor’s Note:“Journalist.”) I am having a crisis of conscience. I was able to pinpoint the exact moment when I began to ponder what type of man I was and/or should be. (Editor’s Note: “Man.”) That moment happened as soon as I heard Audio Ashes on stage at the Lincoln Theatre. I am sure the members of Audio Ashes are all nice people who just want to rock so I don’t wish to discourage them from trying to achieve their rock’n’roll dreams (which is considerably harder than writing mean shit on the internet after it happens, by the way), but my God-given duty as a journalist prevents me from sitting idly by while their band continues to exist.

Making fun of national acts is one thing. (Editor’s Note: See my reviews of Cage and Of Montreal.) They make money traveling the country and can brush off my poison pen like a gnat, but local acts are another beast entirely. Look, let’s not shit ourselves here: Local acts are a work in progress. They are out there plowing the fields over and over again until something grows. I want to encourage that in all local bands. Despite my vitriol, I actually love the greater Triangle music scene, scars and all, so it is antithetical to my prime directive to bash local bands. But on the other hand, here’s a clip from Audio Ashes’ set: Audio Ashes – FTW / To Hell & Back (live)

I really liked the exchange at the 1m40s mark where the guitarist’s (presumed) boyfriend walked up on stage, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SONG, to offer his girlfriend a hit off of his bottle of Jagermeister. The look on her face spoke volumes. “Dude, I appreciate the gesture but I am kind of in the middle of something up here.” That’s okay, because he was content to keep right on standing there, ON STAGE AT THE FUCKING LINCOLN THEATRE DURING HIS GIRLFRIEND’S FIRST SHOW IN RALEIGH, until there was a break in the song when she could spare a moment to take a swig of that sweet ambrosia he was offering. He then immediately followed suit and sauntered off stage, oblivious to his surroundings. I’m sure if I were a legitimate journalist and were to ask this mystery man about said incident he would say, with nothing less than absolute certainty, “I don’t give a fuck,” and then proceed to call me a derogatory term for a homosexual. Shine on, you crazy diamond.

?/5 stars = Local band discount
At the time of this publication, the video linked above had 228 views on YouTube. (Editor’s Note:About a dozen views were me though. This shit is tres magnifique.) Audio Ashes can take solace in the fact that more people watched their video than generally read my blog on its best day, so I’ll be over here revising my suicide note while Audio Ashes can keep reaching for the stars.


Admittedly, I’m a little biased toward Chaosmic. One of their guitarists, Trent, is my friend and boss but he knows I am not the type to blow smoke up his ass so I am going to tell it like it is: Chaosmic is a good band. A frontman with great stage presence, dual riffage, a bassist with animated backup screams, and one of the hardest working drummers in town (Editor’s Note: Marc bangs the skins in Bedowyn as well.) combine to form one of my favorite young bands in Raleigh. Chaosmic’s sound is built around the range of frontman Aulden Smith. His ability to actually sing sends the band down a melodic road that few area metal bands dare to travel. Heavy enough to get your head banging while adding melodic parts that you can feel. Keep an eye out for these guys as they continue to hone their sound.

3/5 stars = Good.
“Spoils of Pyrrus” is an absolute ripper.

Chaosmic performing at The Lincoln Theater for Winter Metal Fest.
Chaosmic performing at The Lincoln Theater for Winter Metal Fest.
Chaosmic performing at The Lincoln Theater for Winter Metal Fest.


Bedowyn is one of the best metal bands in Raleigh. Get on the hype train now while there is still time. They are like Mastodon if Mastodon still made good music. Also, lead guitarist Mark Peters shreds really hard. I thought my face was gonna melt off like in Indiana Jones.  (Editor’s Note: And he kinda looks like the late Jeff Hanneman on stage, so he’s got that going for him too.)

4/5 stars = Great
If I could book a show of Raleigh’s finest metal acts, the bill would probably look something like this, in order of appearance: Chaosmic, MAKE, Bedowyn, Colossus. Let’s make it happen, fellas.

Sadly, the staff of RDUmusic did not stick around to catch Salvacion and Widow. (Editor’s Note: No one pays us for this. Deal with it.) I was kind of fed up with the Lincoln and its clientele by the time Bedowyn was finished anyway. I haven’t decided which was worse: the ineptitude of the sound guy or his incessant need to play “Ace of Spades” on repeat between every fucking set. Would it have killed you to toss in some Motorhead deep cuts? C’mon, man. Do Lemmy’s memory justice. Also, a big “fuck you” goes out to the tool who knocked his beer bottle off the railing because he was too distracted by making out with his girlfriend to respect his surroundings. She, being a vapid moron, naturally thought it was as hilarious as watching fat people fall down so the tool deliberately knocked a second one off to impress her as they relocated to another part of the bar. I hope she fucks your dad and gives you the clap. G’nite everybody. Happy new year.

Bedowyn performing at The Lincoln Theater for Winter Metal Fest.
Bedowyn performing at The Lincoln Theater for Winter Metal Fest.
Bedowyn performing at The Lincoln Theater for Winter Metal Fest.