Clutch 2016

Way Back Wednesday

October 7, 2016 – Memorial Auditorium – Raleigh, North Carolina

What was original scheduled to be a street show at the Lincoln Theater, was moved over to Memorial due to Hurricane Matthew. As usual, I was excited for my favorite day of the year, Clutch Day. This year however, was going to be the best one yet. Thanks to the success of our site here, your humble RDU photographer was able to secure photo credentials for the show. The show itself was excellent. The venue has spectacular sound, usually reserved for more traditional acts. As Neil pointed out at the start “Who let us in here? This is classy!”


The band went on to play both old and new. They always do a great job of entertaining fans from all eras. Setlist was as follows:

Burning Beard

Decapitation Blues

Crucial Velocity

Noble Savage

The House That Peterbilt

Texan Book of the Dead

Escape From the Prison Planet

X-Ray Visions


Cyborg Bette

The Soapmakers

The Elephant Riders

A Quick Death in Texas

Cypress Grove

The Mob Goes Wild


A Shogun Named Marcus

Before I could get around to editing these photos and putting together a review of the show I was met with not one but two deaths in my family. Needless to say it has taken me time to get around to editing these photos that remind me of such loss. With that time my memory of the show is hazy at best. So let me just conclude to say, NO ONE cares more about their craft than Clutch, and a Clutch show is ALWAYS a great time no matter the circumstance.

So in remembrance here are the best shots from that show.