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Converge performing at Hopscotch 2016 at The Lincoln Theater in Raleigh North Carolina

Hopscotch Music Festival 2016 – Day 1

Hopscotch Music Festival 2016 Day 1 - Thursday, September 8th, 2016 Downtown Raleigh As another muggy North Carolinian summer begins to wind down, the town of Raleigh begins to amp up for the annual Hopscotch Music Festival. I got the call from my partners in crime, Lan and Yang, late in the afternoon. They were headed downtown to check out some day parties, one facet of the Hopscotch experience in which I seldom partake. Yes, they are free, fun, and [...]
King Buffalo Slims Raleigh North Carolina

King Buffalo @ Slim’s

King Buffalo with The Hell No and Emerson Boozer Tuesday, August 16th, 2016 - Slim's Downtown I tried to do you a solid, Raleigh, but you let me down. I told you that King Buffalo was the cat's pajamas and yet a whopping 15 of you turned out to have your faces melted on a Tuesday. For shame. Opening Acts Kicking off the night was the Southern-fried hard rock stylings of Raleigh's Emerson Boozer. Up next was the female-fronted four-piece [...]

King Buffalo coming to Slim’s

King Buffalo lives! Rochester’s premiere purveyors of psychedelic fuzz rock, King Buffalo, are descending on Slim’s here in Raleigh on Tuesday, August 16th. Joining them are NC’s own The Hell No and Emerson Boozer. Just check out that sweet flyer! If that doesn’t make you want to go, you should re-evaluate your life choices. Plus, RDU Music will be there. And we know how to party on a Tuesday. I have been spinning King Buffalo’s spaced-out debut fuzz-fest, Orion, in […]

311 performing in Raleigh, North Carolina at Red Hat Amphitheater 2016

311 @ Red Hat

311 with Matisyahu Sunday, July 24th, 2016 - Red Hat Amphitheater It was a busy weekend for the staff of RDU Music with two shows in two days. The best part was that each show was planted firmly on the opposite end of the musical spectrum. From the depressive, pummeling noise-metal spectacle of Dragged into Sunlight to the good-time, rockin' alterna-funk style of LA-by-way-of-Omaha's 311. What a time to be alive. Due to our late night on Saturday, RDU Music [...]
Modest Mouse performing at Koka Booth Amphitheater in Cary, North Carolina

Brand New & Modest Mouse @ Koka Booth

Brand New / Modest Mouse Wednesday, July 6, 2016 - Koka Booth Amphitheater RDU Music braved the steamy, near-ceaseless heat of a North Carolinian summer day in order to attend our second outdoor amphitheater show of the season: a co-headlined affair between transcendental post-pop-punkers, Brand New, and weirdo-indie-rock darlings, Modest Mouse. Photographer extraordinaire Lan was able to secure a photo pass for the night which turned out to only be valid for Modest Mouse's portion of the evening. We, as [...]
311 promo

311 is coming to Red Hat on July 24th

If you attended parties in the Midwest during the late 90s, two things were certain: There was bound to be an abundance of weed smoke and you were assured to hear 311. (Followed immediately by Sublime.) That was simply how you got the party started. Some 20 years later, I find myself wishing that I could relive those halcyon days when the malt liquor flowed freely and 311 was  bringing grassroots for your mom. Well, greater Raleigh area, we are […]


ColossUSA @ Kings

ColossUSA Sunday, July 3, 2016 – Kings Gun to my head, the show I am most excited for each year is Colossus’s annual 3rd of July Spectacular. 2016 marked my 3rd year of witnessing Raleigh’s premier adventure metal band grab some special guests and don the ol’ stars and stripes in order to shred through a phenomenal setlist of America’s finest songs about…America. TV Man and his TV Band Opening the night was TV Man and his TV Band, who […]

The Cure performing in Charlotte North Carolina 2016

The Cure @ PNC Music Pavilion – Charlotte

The Cure 2016 Tour Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 PNC Music Pavilion – Charlotte The staff of RDU Music stepped outside our comfort zone for a special occasion last Thursday. We visited the thriving metropolis of Charlotte in order to cross a major item off of our bucket list: The Cure live in concert. For the record, we hate going anywhere outside the Raleigh city limits for shows. If it ain’t at Kings, you’re gonna have to twist my arm. And […]

Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool Album Cover

Radiohead presents: A Moon Shaped Pool

Radiohead | "A Moon Shaped Pool" - May 8, 2016 - XL Recordings The best Radiohead offering in 15 years. That will not be a popular statement among those whose faith in Radiohead was rekindled by “In Rainbows” but that record never did strike a major chord with me. It is obviously a good record, just not a great one. [Editor’s Note: They have never put out a “bad” one, and yes, that includes “Pablo Honey.” Haters be damned. Just [...]
Chaosmic performing at The Lincoln Theater for Winter Metal Fest.

Winter Metalfest with Bedowyn and Chaosmic @ Lincoln Theatre

Bedowyn, Chaosmic, Audio Ashes Saturday, Jan 2 2016 Lincoln Theater - Raleigh, North Carolina The illustrious staff of RDUmusic kicked off our 2016 coverage by attending (about half of) WINTER METALFEST at the Lincoln Theatre. Honestly, you can’t expect two lazy malcontents in their mid-30s to endure all 6+ hours of a festival bill. We got there late and left early but managed to catch two solid sets and one…well…bless their hearts. We didn’t arrive in time to catch opener, [...]