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Christian Lembach of Whores at MotorCo in Durham, North Carolina

Red Fang @ Motorco

Red Fang with Torche and Whores. Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 - Motorco - Durham The crisp autumn air reminds me that RDU Music is approaching the end of another concert season. Sure, bands still swing through in the winter but our collective appetite for leaving the house when the weather is cold nears rock bottom. But if there is one thing that will postpone our annual hibernation, it's dank-ass riffs. It's a good thing they were being bandied about Durham [...]

Red Fang coming to Motorco with Torche and Whores

I know for a fact that y’all ain’t doing shit on Wednesday, November 30th, so you might as well take your asses to Motorco in Durham for a night of sick riffs courtesy of Red Fang, Torche, and Whores. RDU Music will be there in full force because we happen to enjoy serious riffage. (Little-known fact.) Red Fang: Facebook | Bandcamp Torche: Facebook | Bandcamp Whores: Facebook | Bandcamp While you are at it, check out the sweet new Red […]

High on Fire performing at MotorCo in Durham, NC

High on Fire w/ Crowbar, Colossus, & Bedowyn @ Motorco

December 13th, 2015 MotorCo - Durham, North Carolina I don’t like going to Durham for shows. (Editor’s Note: I’m a Raleigh gurl, through and through.) But if I am to leave the City of Oaks, Motorco ain’t a bad place to visit. Especially for a lineup as robust as this one. I can’t remember the last time I saw a bill with 4 bands I wanted to see. I generally have to suffer through a handful of openers before I [...]