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Christian Lembach of Whores at MotorCo in Durham, North Carolina

Red Fang @ Motorco

Red Fang with Torche and Whores. Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 - Motorco - Durham The crisp autumn air reminds me that RDU Music is approaching the end of another concert season. Sure, bands still swing through in the winter but our collective appetite for leaving the house when the weather is cold nears rock bottom. But if there is one thing that will postpone our annual hibernation, it's dank-ass riffs. It's a good thing they were being bandied about Durham [...]

Hopscotch Music Festival 2016 – Day 3

Hopscotch Music Festival 2016 Day 3 – Saturday, September 10th, 2016 Downtown Raleigh I say it every year, but this year it might actually be true: This is my last Hopscotch. It’s not that Hopscotch is anything other than the best curated and executed music festival in the Southeast, but rather that a 3-day festival is a younger man’s game. I was ready to go home midway through Day 2 but I knew there were still some gems to be […]

Hopscotch Music Festival 2016 – Day 2

Hopscotch Music Festival 2016 Day 2 – Friday, September 9th, 2016 Downtown Raleigh I am really proud of myself for my Hopscotch 2016 – Day 1 recap. I paid attention, took insightful notes, and came away with a solid piece. Then I threw all that out the window for Day 2 as I simply meandered about the city with no real destination in mind. Beach House / Anderson .Paak City Plaza Beach House: Facebook | Soundcloud Anderson .Paak: Facebook | […]

Converge performing at Hopscotch 2016 at The Lincoln Theater in Raleigh North Carolina

Hopscotch Music Festival 2016 – Day 1

Hopscotch Music Festival 2016 Day 1 - Thursday, September 8th, 2016 Downtown Raleigh As another muggy North Carolinian summer begins to wind down, the town of Raleigh begins to amp up for the annual Hopscotch Music Festival. I got the call from my partners in crime, Lan and Yang, late in the afternoon. They were headed downtown to check out some day parties, one facet of the Hopscotch experience in which I seldom partake. Yes, they are free, fun, and [...]
Periphery Lincoln Theater Raleigh North Carolina

Periphery: Sonic Unrest Tour @ Lincoln Theatre

Periphery - Sonic Unrest Tour with SikTh, CHON, and Toothgrinder Thursday, August 4th, 2016 - Lincoln Theatre Opening night of Periphery's Sonic Unrest Tour was hosted by Raleigh's Lincoln Theatre and RDU Music was on the scene: two mid-30s curmudgeons awash in a sea of hip young people. While that thought would normally give the pair of us nightmares, I was able to find solace in Periphery's outstanding performance. Photog extraordinaire Lan and myself hit the Lincoln Theatre in time [...]
Dragged Into Sunlight performing at Kings in Raleigh North Carolina 2016

Dragged into Sunlight with Primitive Man and MAKE @ Kings

Dragged into Sunlight / Primitive Man / MAKE Saturday, July 23, 2016 - Kings | Raleigh, North Carolina I had been anticipating this show since the the day the tour was announced. I had experimented with Dragged into Sunlight's earlier work but their latest release, "N.V", took their sound to a whole new level. Toss local favorite's MAKE into the mix and I was ready to roll. MAKE Chapel Hill's own MAKE brought the thunder on their last night of [...]
Testament performing at The Ritz, Raleigh North Carolina 2016

Slayer w/ Testament & Carcass @ The Ritz

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27TH, 2016 THE RITZ – RALEIGH The electricity in the air was palpable for the staff of RDU Music on Saturday night as we pregamed some drinks at Lan’s house while he strapped into his camera harness. [Editor’s Note: He looked like he was ready to go skydiving.] We were pretty stoked that Slayer’s North American Media Contact thought that we were cool enough for a photo pass, which is why I was so ecstatic with how Lan’s [...]

Bedowyn – “Leave the Living for Dead” music video

Video Release Raleigh's own Bedowyn dropped a heavy new music video yesterday for "Leave the Living for Dead" off of 2015's "Blood of the Fall." You should all watch it below in anticipation for their upcoming show at Slim's Downtown in Raleigh on March 18th, supported by The Hell No and Horseskull. https://vimeo.com/157283851
Slayer Concert poster for performing at The Ritz, Raleigh North Carolina 2016

Slayer LIVE in Raleigh!

I’ve been excited for live shows many times in my life, but damn! Slayer, Testament, and Carcass?!?! I haven’t seen Slayer since Ozzfest ’99. That is entirely too fucking long to go without hearing “War Ensemble” live. I did catch Carcass play the Lincoln Theatre about a year ago and it was amazing. Get your asses to the Ritz tonight (2/27/16). You can’t swing a cat in there without hitting a bar. Seriously. They have like 13 bars in there. […]

Slayer Repentless Album Cover

Record Review: Slayer – “Repentless”

Slayer “Repentless” American 9/11/2015 My heart still hurts from the loss of Jeff but I was ready to gingerly jump back on the Slayer train when they announced “Repentless” because, let’s face it: Slayer rules. Slayer has always ruled. [Editor’s Note: Yes, I totally count the “Diabolus in Musica” period of the late 90s where they experimented with groove. That record is underrated.] Talking about Slayer with other fans can be a polarizing experience though. You have your pretentious O.G. […]