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Hopscotch Music Festival 2015 – Day 3

Hopscotch Music Festival September 12th, 2015 Downtown Raleigh — Wovenhand Lincoln Theater, Downtown Raleigh — Say what you will about Downtown Raleigh, but there is always ample parking. Especially in the deck across from the Lincoln. I flashed my wristband and headed into the venue just as Wovenhand was starting their set, which was considerably more rockin’ than I had anticipated. Their last couple of records translated well to a live setting with a full band in tow. David Eugene […]

Of Montreal @ Lincoln Theater

Of Montreal / Mothers Tuesday, August 25, 2015 Lincoln Theater, Raleigh — Art is hard. And it can also be very stupid. If you don’t have the chops to craft something as breathtaking as Monet’s Water Lilies or as haunting as Bruegel’s Triumph of Death, I guess the next best thing is to have your friends masquerade as big-titted, patriotic, poodle pugilists and parade them around the stage only to be stripped and motorboated by Abraham Lincoln mashups of Spiderman’s […]

Primus @ The Lincoln Theater

Primus and Dinosaur Jr @ The Lincoln Theater Street Show

Primus and Dinosaur Jr. Saturday, July 18, 2015 Lincoln Theater Street Stage, Downtown Raleigh — A street concert is a call to arms for Raleigh rock’n’roll fans. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people show up to stand sweatily on hot asphalt. (Primus seemed to outdraw the recent Mastodon/Clutch show at the same outdoor stage by almost half again as many people. Source: I was present and drunk at both concerts.) The best part: the fans were all […]

Clutch @ The Lincoln Theater

Clutch and Mastodon @ The Lincoln Theater Street Show

Clutch and Mastodon performed in front of the Lincoln Theater for an epic street show. It was surprising to see such a turnout for two notoriously heavier bands. The street was filled from Wilmington to Blount. Clutch performed a plethora of classics as well as a few newer tracks. Brent Hinds of Mastodon even joined them for DC Sound Attack. Mastodon ran through their staple of current concert songs. It was very reminiscent of their 2014 HopScotch performance. All in […]