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Christian Lembach of Whores at MotorCo in Durham, North Carolina

Red Fang @ Motorco

Red Fang with Torche and Whores. Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 - Motorco - Durham The crisp autumn air reminds me that RDU Music is approaching the end of another concert season. Sure, bands still swing through in the winter but our collective appetite for leaving the house when the weather is cold nears rock bottom. But if there is one thing that will postpone our annual hibernation, it's dank-ass riffs. It's a good thing they were being bandied about Durham [...]
Duran Duran performing at DPAC Durham, North Carolina

Duran Duran @ DPAC

Duran Duran March 28th 2016 - DPAC - Durham, North Carolina When I was a wee, toe-headed lad in the mid-1980s, MTV was my Bible. Video most assuredly killed the radio star. At the vanguard of that war was Duran Duran. Years after "Rio" released, they still received heavy airplay on MTV for "Hungry Like the Wolf." I remember being enthralled by the sexy, feral catwoman, not to mention the sweet yacht and brightly-colored suits from the "Rio" video. As [...]
Garmenbozia at MotorCo

Garmonbozia @ MotorCo

In a tribute to Twin Peaks, Garmonbozia performed the soundtrack to the show last night at MotorCo, in Durham.