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The Good Life at Cat's Cradle Backroom

The Good Life @ Cat’s Cradle (Back Room)

Saturday, August 29, 2015 Touring with The Good Life must be a nice change of pace for Tim Kasher. He doesn't have to be quite as "Tim Kasher-y" as he does when he plays with Cursive. The Good Life has always been the pensive, maudlin, falling-off-the-barstool, drunken younger brother of Cursive. The senior got all the girls because his heart was broken in a cool, rock 'n roll sort of fashion, whereas the junior's broken heart was more pathetic in [...]
Braid at Local 506

Braid @ Local 506

Friday, August 14th, 2015 If the world were a just place, all children would have clean water to drink, JFK would have simply had a nice ride on that day in November, and Braid would draw much larger crowds. By all rights, Braid should be playing venues larger than the 250-capacity Local 506. But, alas, the world at large didn't really embrace Braid the first time around so why should I think it would be anything different as Braid tuned [...]