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Duran Duran performing at DPAC Durham, North Carolina

Duran Duran @ DPAC

Duran Duran March 28th 2016 - DPAC - Durham, North Carolina When I was a wee, toe-headed lad in the mid-1980s, MTV was my Bible. Video most assuredly killed the radio star. At the vanguard of that war was Duran Duran. Years after "Rio" released, they still received heavy airplay on MTV for "Hungry Like the Wolf." I remember being enthralled by the sexy, feral catwoman, not to mention the sweet yacht and brightly-colored suits from the "Rio" video. As [...]
Braid at Local 506

Braid @ Local 506

Friday, August 14th, 2015 If the world were a just place, all children would have clean water to drink, JFK would have simply had a nice ride on that day in November, and Braid would draw much larger crowds. By all rights, Braid should be playing venues larger than the 250-capacity Local 506. But, alas, the world at large didn't really embrace Braid the first time around so why should I think it would be anything different as Braid tuned [...]
Primus @ The Lincoln Theater

Primus and Dinosaur Jr @ The Lincoln Theater Street Show

Primus and Dinosaur Jr. Saturday, July 18, 2015 Lincoln Theater Street Stage, Downtown Raleigh — A street concert is a call to arms for Raleigh rock’n’roll fans. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many people show up to stand sweatily on hot asphalt. (Primus seemed to outdraw the recent Mastodon/Clutch show at the same outdoor stage by almost half again as many people. Source: I was present and drunk at both concerts.) The best part: the fans were all […]