King Buffalo lives!

Rochester’s premiere purveyors of psychedelic fuzz rock, King Buffalo, are descending on Slim’s here in Raleigh on Tuesday, August 16th. Joining them are NC’s own The Hell No and Emerson Boozer.

Just check out that sweet flyer! If that doesn’t make you want to go, you should re-evaluate your life choices. Plus, RDU Music will be there. And we know how to party on a Tuesday.

I have been spinning King Buffalo’s spaced-out debut fuzz-fest, Orion, in anticipation of their set and it is a proven rockin’ good time. My head is mystically compelled to nod along to the thick slabs of groovy riffage found within Orion’s 9-tracks. It is hot off the presses too, having just been released on 8/5.

Give Orion a spin on Bandcamp or Spotify or wherever you go to get a lethal dose of riffage then head out to Slim’s on the 16th to catch King Buffalo in the flesh.