If you attended parties in the Midwest during the late 90s, two things were certain: There was bound to be an abundance of weed smoke and you were assured to hear 311. (Followed immediately by Sublime.) That was simply how you got the party started. Some 20 years later, I find myself wishing that I could relive those halcyon days when the malt liquor flowed freely and 311 was  bringing grassroots for your mom.

Well, greater Raleigh area, we are in luck! 311 is returning to Red Hat Amphitheater on July 24th (with special guest Matisyahu) to remind us how to come original throughout this party that we call life.

Bang it here for tickets so that you can join the RDU Music staff (plus many friends of the program) as we receive yet another taste of that sweet, sweet Omaha Stylee. If you play your cards right, you might even get to witness our own Shameburger get drunk enough to do the SA dance for a solid hour straight. We’ll be providing extensive post-show coverage as soon as I can sober up and once again string together cohesive sentences.