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Colossus / Demon Eye / MAKE
Saturday, November 28, 2015
Cat’s Cradle Back Room —

When I was a young lad of 25 years old, still with a sparkle in my eye, I loaded what amounted to my entire life into my ’99 Grand Prix and drove 1600 miles to Raleigh in an attempt to try a life on for size. I experienced varying degrees of success in those early days but now, in hindsight, I believe I am able to pinpoint the moment when my life took a turn for the better.
Friend of the program, Andy: “Are you guys going to the Colossus show?”
Me: “Who’s Colossus?”
That turned out to be the night that I learned what it meant to be Drunk on Blood. I was changed forever by the Triangle’s premiere adventure metal band. Luckily, I had the distinct privilege to be in attendance as Colossus celebrated 10 years of getting shitfaced drunk before (and during) shows while retaining the mental and physical dexterity to shred with the best of them.



Opening the night was Chapel Hill’s own MAKE, bringing a sound heavily influenced by Isis. (The excellent post-metal band, not the main topic of interest on Fox News.) Animated vocalist and purveyor of low-end, Spencer Lee, kept things interesting while the crowd casually coalesced and I imbibed Copperlines from my balcony vantage point. MAKE’s take on post-metal is dynamic enough to remain interesting while not skimping on the “metal” half of “post-metal.”

3/5 stars = Good


Demon Eye

Next up was Raleigh’s Demon Eye. Personally, I have never been a fan of worshiping at the altar of Sabbath, but Demon Eye leave more killer riffs on the cutting room floor over the course of a weekend than most bands ever commit to wax in their entire careers.

3/5 stars = Good



I had heard through the grapevine (or just, you know, on the internet) that Colossus was going to be celebrating 10 years as a band by bringing back former guitarists for a one-night, 5-guitar extravaganza. I was actually worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle that much rock action at one time. I feared that my face would actually melt off from the blazing heat of that many blistering solos. It’s a good thing that the number of times I have seen Colossus numbers in the double digits, bolstering my tolerance. My body was ready. Earplugs were inserted. Beers were in hand. I was prepared to do battle with the Wendigo.

Colossus came out swinging with 3 tracks off of their seminal debut full length, “Colossus…and the Rift of the Pan-Dimensional Under-Gods.” In fact, after the first song, Sean remarked with a chuckle, “There’s no better way to follow an 11 minute song about Willow than with a 9 minute song about Final Fantasy,”  as they transitioned from”Willow” to “Limit Break.” As the set progressed, Colossus maintained a revolving roster of guitarists from their storied 10-year history. It was great to see Andy Lewis again, as he was in the band many a year ago when I first became a fan. Between the 4 guitarists (one couldn’t make it that night), they tag-teamed their way through solos from fan-favorites such as “Wendigo” and “Jihad, Jihad!” while dual drummers kept time in the background. It was a sight to behold.

As the set winded down, the only question on my lips was, “Which song will they choose to close the set?” I had seen them close with “Wendigo” most frequently over the years, but they played that 4th. With the amount of old tracks being played that night, I had my fingers crossed for “Ghostfucker” with a little “G.F. Nocturne” outro. (Editor’s Note: I may have even yelled out “Ghostfucker” eleven times toward the end there.) Instead, they chose the classic, “Salamandastron.”

4/5 stars = Great
I don’t envy the band having to choose only 11 songs to play from their magical 10-year career. Here’s to another 10.


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