Clutch and Mastodon performed in front of the Lincoln Theater for an epic street show. It was surprising to see such a turnout for two notoriously heavier bands. The street was filled from Wilmington to Blount. Clutch performed a plethora of classics as well as a few newer tracks. Brent Hinds of Mastodon even joined them for DC Sound Attack.

Mastodon ran through their staple of current concert songs. It was very reminiscent of their 2014 HopScotch performance. All in all the city responded well and this should hopefully lead the way to more acts coming to our sleepy town.

Set List was as follows:


Escape From the Prison Planet


Animal Farm

The House That Peterbuilt

The Mob Goes Wild

Book, Saddle, & Go

Crucial Velocity

Cyborg Bette

Gravel Road

Burning Beard

Unto the Breach

Pure Rock Fury

50,000 Unstoppable Watts

D.C. Sound Attack

Earth Rocker

Electric Worry

One Eye Dollar


Tread Lightly

Once More ‘Round the Sun



Chimes at Midnight

High Road

Aqua Dementia



Black Tongue

Ember City


Crystal Skull

The Czar