King’s Barcade played host to the record release party for local act, Adult Science.  Though a relatively new band with only a handful of shows under their belt, the turnout was great.  Since the last time I saw them play live (Local Band Local Beer @Tir Na Nog), I can honestly say they have progressed amazingly.  Frontman/guitarist, Speltron, took the stage with a bravado and classic “frontman” energy that was contrary to the soft-spoken person I had interacted with previously.  Perhaps the sunglasses that he wore throughout their set were that of magic.  What followed was a 10-song set that clearly displayed their hard-work and progression.  Their songs were atmospheric, multi-layered, and paired nicely with the visuals projected on the screen behind them.  Personally, I could not help but hear a style and sound that was reminiscent of older Talking Heads/David Byrne, a sound that it is not often recreated nowadays.  I look forward to what the future holds for Adult Science.

“Variety” would be the best word to describe the three opening acts that took the stage before Adult Science.  

Ellertronic, a three-piece from Durham, was the first band to perform.  At first glance, one would assume that they would be witnessing a live demo of the new “Rock Band” video game.  A two-piece electric drum kit sat in the middle of a Casio/keyboard setup and a guitar that bore a striking resemblance to the controller from the video game.  Despite a limited catalog of songs, the band delivered a rocking and sonic performance full of energy.

Next, we were treated to a DJ set from Raleigh’s own, Apache Kid.  The mustachioed DJ, adorned in sweatshirt and Reebok pumps provided a diverse electronic set ranging from drum & bass to 8-Bit video game sounds.   The final opening act was Brass/Abs, a R&B act from Raleigh.  Unfortunately bathroom/smoke break prevented me from seeing majority of their set, however they certainly did not lack enthusiasm on stage when I walked in halfway through their last song.

GET TO KNOW “Adult Science”

  • Band Members: Speltron (Vocals/Guitar), The Tinkerer (Producer/Vocals), Jadefox (Percussion/Vocals), Tickles (bass/guitar)
  • Musical Influences: Fever Ray, David Bowie, David Byrne, The Clash
  • The Process: “Speltron almost always starts a song by recording ideas with his phone recorder and mouth. Tinkerer’s songs will come from experimenting with a new technique or sound design. Usually, one of them nucleates the song and then they jam over it together to finalize parts. We love the idea of seamless genre mixing and evil dance vibes over pop songs.”
  • Where to Find Them: Facebook Bandcamp

Adult Science Setlist:  

  1. K.S. AI
  2. Smart/Dumb
  3. Errata
  4. Patty Cake
  5. Home
  6. Bored
  7. Citadel
  8. Cassie
  9. Dark 3$7
  10. Janus

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